CHEF RUPAM's Point of View

I have always longed for food that touched my soul, that reminded me of “way back when” I was in Bombay, India. Hence, we started with a small food truck that has now grown to add a restaurant in San Francisco / Bay Area. It serves Indian SoulFood - every bite is soul satisfying – its sweet, sour, salty and spicy with aromas that remind you of something unique - something you have been longing for.

So, what is Indian SoulFood?

Its a modern interpretation of classic Indian flavors, that satisfies the soul and yet it healthy.

It’s not the specific dishes, it’s the flavors that reminds of friendships, of good times spent with friends, of my mother, of the melting pot of a metropolis that brings the best of flavors and textures from north, east and south India to the streets of Bombay! It quenches the soul just as the monsoon soothes the hot Indian summer.

How is it different?

The usual fare at many Indian restaurants consists of naan and familiar curries, often served in an “all you can eat” mode. The more you eat, it fills the stomach but the soul still searches for more. So we sought to create the flavors that captures that.

Take for example our Paneer Skewers - it has the North Indian spices and yet the tangy coconut chutney paired with it will throw in an unmistakable Southern Indian flavors. You would not notice it of course, because you are busy licking the chutney off the plate remembering an old memory. Take our Kathi Rolls - it is the traditional Bombay frankie that meets the Bengali lust for spice or the Lamb Biryani that is simple and yet has rich layers of flavors.

Is it healthy?

Also, Indian food is often thought to be loaded with carbs - it is a fair criticism if the “usual” is deemed to be naan and buttery gravy in your protein. I have tried to preserve the authentic flavors and yet attempted to modernize it putting in my education and years of training at various Ritz Carlton locations around the world to use.

Take for example, braised eggplant in peanut sauce paired with Quinoa. Like the Biryani, it’s a classic dish of the Nizams called Bagara Baingan, but the style is modernized with Quinoa. Similarly, the Dum “Chopped” Salad has Greens, iceberg, shaved vegetables, mustard seed dressing and a unique Bombay trail mix - that would remind you of the peanuts eaten along Marine Drive from street hawkers. It would take you seconds to place the flavor and you would heartily eat a salad.

Is it a for me?

For those unfamiliar with Indian home cooking, I challenge you to go beyond Nan, Curry and Dosa and experience the joy of popping a whole dahi puri - the textures and spices would amaze you.

For those who grew up with Indian food, come for the familiar flavors not exact replicas and sacred rules of how it is cooked. Lets us innovate and let your palate wander a bit. The menu is full of choices for you to come again and again - try the Broccoli Paratha or Egg Uttapam for brunch and then Scotched Egg Lamb for dinner.  


Come enjoy the food at our brick and mortar in the Mission District at 3111, 24th Street, San Francisco, it's accessible by BART easily (24th Street) or our Food Truck around the Bay Area.